Special weather statement issued, because P.E.I.'s going to be hot, hot, hot

A new heat record could be set this week on P.E.I. with a warm air mass moving in.

Record temperature forecast for Friday

Beach weather is coming. (Jane Robertson/CBC)

A new heat record could be set this week on P.E.I. with a warm air mass moving in.

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement regarding the hot weather, which will start Wednesday and continue through Friday. CBC meteorologist Tina Simpkin said the forecast falls just short of heat warning criteria.

"It has to meet the criteria of daytime highs and overnight lows, and that's set out by the provincial authorities, the health authorities in each province."

"We're not quite there as far as the forecast highs and lows for us, but we're pretty close."

The criteria are 28 C during the day and 18 overnight for two days in a row or a humidex of 36. P.E.I. will hit those daytime highs, but there will be some limited opportunities to cool off overnight.

The forecast is for 27 C Wednesday with an overnight low of 16 C. Looking ahead, the temperature will get up to 29 C on Thursday, and fall to 17 C. Environment Canada is calling for 32 C Friday before moving into a cooler weekend.

The temperature will struggle to break the record for a June 18 on Thursday — it hit 31.1 C in 1949 — but the record for June 19 could easily fall Friday. The hottest recorded temperature is 28.0 C in 1991.

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