More upgrades for boardwalk in Souris P.E.I.

The boardwalk in Souris is getting another facelift.

Town is adding more businesses and parking

The town has even more planned for the site in the future. (Google Street View)

The boardwalk in Souris is getting another facelift.

In 2014 the town did the first phase of improving the entrance to the eastern P.E.I. town, including three new chalet-type shops. 

"They were so successful that we took a look at it and thought that perhaps we should engage in a phase two" said Souris Mayor David MacDonald.

The town has built two more shops: one will house a wind sailing and paddle board rental establishment and the town is still finalising the deal for the other. Along with more retail is an extension of the boardwalk and more parking in the sea-side parking lot. MacDonald said that was greatly needed because crossing the road from the parking lot on the other side of the highway was causing concern.

"It was quite dangerous so we were able to get a crosswalk, but crosswalks are not the only solution, so we come up with the idea that maybe we'd look at extending [the parking lot]," he said.

Souris Mayor David MacDonald hopes the new shops will bring even more tourists. (CBC)

The cost of the project is around to $150,000 with that being split evenly between the town, the provincial government and the federal government. MacDonald hopes the new area will attract more tourists to come and spend time in Souris. 

"We have a large French Canadian component here that comes through here and goes on the ferry boat and leaves, we'd love to catch them for a while if you want, and it has been more successful, they have been staying up in this area a lot more all the time."  

Continuing to plan 

There is more to be added to the waterfront in the future too, MacDonald said next summer there will be a splashpad, which will be built until the fall. 

"Pools are great, but the maintenance on a swimming pool is astronomical so we decided to go the splash pad route, and it will provide lots of fun for the kids and it's something a small town like us can afford." 

The shops planned to open this week, depending on weather, and the extension to the parking lots should be finished by the end of the week.