The Cat Came Back and 364 other stories in new P.E.I. weather calendar

During the record-breaking snowfalls of 2015, Howard Hogan and Lucina Costain of St.-Felix, P.E.I., lost their cat, Bubba.

Some Weather We're Having! is third weather calendar released by UPEI Climate Research Lab

The third edition of the P.E.I. weather trivia calendar includes 365 new weather stories. (UPEI)

During the record-breaking snowfalls of 2015, Howard Hogan and Lucina Costain of St. Felix, P.E.I., lost their cat, Bubba.

Bubba had been missing six weeks when Hogan was clearing the deep snow around the entrance to their home.

"He was digging through the snow around his entry to his house and all of a sudden they heard a meowing underneath the snowbank, and out popped a paw and a head," said Don Jardine, co-author of Some Weather We're Having!, the third P.E.I. weather trivia calendar released by The UPEI Climate Research Lab.

"Out popped Bubba, who had been lost for six weeks," Jardine said. "Anyway, they got the food dish out and they gave her a bit of warm milk and small portions of cat food and the cat survived."

Jardine said the story is his favourite of the calendar's 365 all-new tales related to 250 years of Island weather and its fallout. 

'Part of what makes us Islanders'

"Islanders in general just love talking about the weather," he said. "It's so changeable ... Storms are part of our life here on P.E.I., and it's just part of what makes us Islanders, I think, and what makes us tick."

The story of Bubba the cat, missing for 40 days before being discovered under her owners' snow-covered deck, is part of the 2017 P.E.I. Weather Trivia Calendar. (Submitted Rhonda Costain)

Jardine, who co-wrote the calendar with Adam Fenech, said they compiled the stories largely by talking to people. "Some people can give you 10 stories in one sitting."

The 2017 calendar focuses on thunder and lightning as well as storm surges. As well as weather trivia, it also includes 12 full-colour photos of P.E.I. weather.

The calendar is dedicated to CBC weatherman Kevin (Boomer) Gallant.

"We feel he's an Island icon when it comes to the weather," said Jardine.

The calendar available at Island bookstores and pharmacies.​