No riding means no spending, snowmobilers say

Snowmobilers on P.E.I. say the the lack of snow on P.E.I. this winter has not only been bad for them, but also the local economy.

Snowmobile association holding AGM Wednesday night

After a poor 2017-18 season, snowmobilers on P.E.I. are hoping for more snow in the winters ahead. (Stock photo)

Snowmobilers on P.E.I. say the lack of snow this winter has not only been bad for them, but also the local economy.

Since October, snowfall has been 61 per cent what usually falls on the Island.

Dale Hickox, president of the P.E.I. Snowmobile Association, said this year the only good snowmobiling happened in the last six weeks up West.

But a good winter can mean millions of dollars spent on P.E.I.

"With over 2,500 snowmobile families on the snow buying gas, eating at restaurants buying parts, paying registrations, buying new snowmobiles, all that adds up," Hickox said.

He expects the poor winter to be the leading topic of discussion at the association's annual general meeting Wednesday night at the Emerald Community Centre.

Hickox said the group isn't worried about climate change, or a trend toward less snow in the winter. They see this year's weather as a blip, pointing to the extremely snowy winter the Island had in 2014–15.

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With files from Laura Chapin