P.E.I. residents now have to submit self-isolation plans online before returning

Residents of P.E.I. who travel outside the province are being asked to register a self-isolation plan before they return, starting Tuesday.

Rotational workers, truck drivers and approved one-day travellers exempt

Travellers will show their approved self-isolation plans at border checkpoints. (Kirk Pennell/CBC)

Residents of P.E.I. who travel outside the province are being asked to register a self-isolation plan before they return, starting Tuesday.

P.E.I. Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Heather Morrison announced the new condition for Islanders travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic at her regular briefing Tuesday.

A registration form for self-isolation plans will go live Tuesday afternoon.

Filed plans will be reviewed and a letter of confirmation will be sent to the traveller. Returning Islanders would show that letter at the border checkpoint when they return.

If there are questions about the plan, an official from public health will contact the traveller.

"This registration process will help individuals develop plans that meet our self-isolation requirements," said Morrison.

Rotational workers, truck drivers, families travelling briefly for parenting purposes, one-day medical appointment travellers and those who are work-isolating don't need to register a plan.

Morrison said Islanders should self-isolate away from others if possible, but acknowledged that this is not possible for everyone. She said people self-isolating in the same house as others may be subject to an enhanced testing regimen.

There will be a transition period over the next few days where some Islanders will be allowed to file their plans after returning.

Morrison again urged Islanders not to travel out of province unless it is necessary.

She also said there will be an extension on the pause for seasonal residents coming to P.E.I.

Last month, Morrison announced that seasonal residents wouldn't be approved to arrive until at least May 17, and on Tuesday she confirmed that will be pushed further, though she didn't give an exact date.

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