'Dirt roads are probably smoother': Montague-area residents want road fixed

Some people in the Montague area are asking the provincial government to fix South Montague Road because the pavement has begun to crack and crumble, leaving large chunks of asphalt and loose gravel on the road.

People say South Montague Road crumbles every season

The pavement has broken up so badly on this road drivers often use the shoulder or the oncoming lane, residents say. (Travis Kingdon/CBC News)

Some people who live in and around Montague, P.E.I., are asking the province to fix a crumbling rural road. 

The pavement on South Montague Road is cracked and there are large broken pieces of asphalt, loose gravel and deep potholes. 

"The last couple of years it's always been like this," said Gabriel Verleun, who lives in the area. He said the road is always in need of repair.    

Verleun said heavy farm equipment from the area helps pack the road down over the summer months, but the road always crumbles in the spring. 

"Every year it gets worse and worse," said Verleun.

'Turned into rubble'

Parts of the road have become so bad that drivers will often use the shoulder or the oncoming lane to avoid the bad section of pavement, he said.  

Gabriel Verleun lives on the road and says the road crumbles every year. (Travis Kingdon/CBC News)

"You definitely don't want people driving on the shoulder of the road because that's more smooth than the road itself," said Cory Deagle, MLA for Montague-Kilmuir and part of the PC government. 

The road is one of the worst in the area, Deagle said.

"Dirt roads are probably smoother than what this road is right now, and it's pavement. It's turned into rubble here now," said Deagle.

Gabriel Verleun can reach down and grab a piece of asphalt with ease from the roadway. (Travis Kingdon/CBC News)

Deagle said he has contacted Transportation Minister Steven Myers in hopes of getting the road repaired this summer.

"Hopefully before the weather turns cold this fall we can have something done here," said Deagle.  

Priority is main roads

P.E.I.'s Transportation Department considers the amount of traffic and the condition of roads when determining the order in which roads get fixed, a government spokesperson told CBC News via email. 

'It's one of our focuses is to is to get our rural roads fixed,' says Montague-Kilmuir PC MLA Cory Deagle. (Travis Kingdon/CBC News)

P.E.I.'s main highways are given priority, then the province will focus on secondary roads like South Montague Road, the email said.

The spokesperson said the province expects to fix the road in the coming weeks.

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Travis Kingdon is a journalist with CBC P.E.I. He moved to the Island from Toronto in the spring of 2019.


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