Newfoundland woman looking for owner of ring found on Cavendish Beach in 2018

Did you lose a ring on Cavendish Beach during the spring of 2018? Well this woman found one and she has been looking for its rightful owner ever since.

'Someone that loved Missy gave them the ring'

No one had come forward to claim the ring found in May 2018 by Christa Stacey until last week. (Submitted by Christa Stacey )

A woman who found a ring on Cavendish Beach during the spring of 2018 has been looking for its owner ever since — and she's not giving up yet.

Christa Stacey found the ring in May of that year when she and her fiancé came to P.E.I. for the first time.

"I feel like that was given with love to somebody and for somebody to lose it and not have it, they probably would want it back," said Stacey, who lives in Newfoundland.  

"I would want it back so I just thought it was the right thing to do."

The pair toured several Island beaches, eventually ending up in Cavendish.

'Missy' is engraved in the ring. (Submitted by Christa Stacey )

"I noticed on the boardwalk, something caught my eye. It was shining and I walked over towards it and I could see that it was a gold ring," said Stacey.

"The design on it is what just amazed me."

Personal engraving 

The wrap ring was small, said Stacey, and engraved with intricate designs. 

The inside also held a special clue as to who it might belong to.

I just would like to find the owner.— Christa Stacey

"It says, 'Missy' and it looks like maybe a date, 04-25-99, and on the other side it says 'dad xoxo,'" she said. 

"Someone that loved Missy gave them the ring."

Stacey said she headed to the beach's parking lot quickly hoping the ring's owner would still be around. 

But, there were just two cars and neither recently lost a ring. 

'It says, 'dad xoxo,' that's why I think this ring is very important to somebody,' says Stacey. (Submitted by Christa Stacey )

"I didn't want to just leave it there because I didn't know if somebody else would pick it up and just take it," said Stacey.

"So I said I would post it on Facebook and try and find the owner."

'It's a beautiful ring'

Stacey shared photos of the ring on Facebook groups based in cities across Canada — Halifax, Toronto, Winnipeg, P.E.I., Vancouver. 

"Still nobody's come forward to say it's possibly theirs. Just that it's a beautiful ring." 

But Stacey is determined. 

"I just would like to find the owner," she said. 

"I just feel like if something's lost and somebody finds it, it should go back to the rightful owner." 

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