Rick Mercer goes clam digging on P.E.I.

Rick Mercer knew nothing about clams "other than the fact they are delicious." So he went on a clam digging excursion in Georgetown, P.E.I., where hilarity ensued.

The CBC comedian went on a clam-digging excursion to find out where one of his favourite foods comes from

Rick Goes Clam Digging

Rick Mercer Report

6 years ago
Rick visits Georgetown, PEI to go digging for giant bar clams. 6:56

Rick Mercer says he usually hunts for clams by opening the menu, pointing to the word "clams," and placing an order.

Rick Mercer digs for giant bar clams on the Oct. 13, 2015, episode of the Rick Mercer Report on CBC Television. (CBC)

But the CBC comedian didn't really know much about clams "other than the fact they are delicious." Until, that is, he went on a recent clam-digging expedition in Georgetown, P.E.I.

The segment was featured on the Oct. 13, 2015, episode of the Rick Mercer Report on CBC Television. 

Perry Gotell with Tranquility Cove Adventures took Mercer to Boughton Island off Georgetown, where they donned wetsuits, grabbed clamming rakes and, of course, hilarity ensued.

When they finally caught enough giant bar clams to classify as lunch, Gotell's crew built a bonfire on the beach, where they proceeded to cook.

Rick Mercer and Perry Gotell of Tranquility Cove Adventures prepare to harvest giant clams. (CBC)

"I didn't know it was going to be a cooking show," Mercer quipped as they put him to work tending the bubbling pot. "But it's, like, the best cooking show ever." 

Mercer noted that the work is "physically exhausting" and learned that even though the methods are primitive, a fisherman harvesting giant bar clams usually digs a tonne or more of clams per day. 

For more of Rick's adventures on the Rick Mercer Report, click here.


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