Reunited at last: Islanders share pictures of families, friends together once again

Friends and families are getting together once again now that P.E.I. has opened up to the rest of Canada.

We asked for you to share your pictures and here they are

'Hanging with my daughter, Danica, on Victoria Row after 11.5 months apart,' says Doug Gallant. (Submitted by Doug Gallant)

Friends and families are getting together once again now that P.E.I. has opened up to the rest of Canada.

On the CBC Prince Edward Island Facebook page, we asked Islanders to share pictures of themselves reuniting with friends and family.

Here is what some of you shared with us.

(Please note that usernames are not necessarily the names of commenters. Some comments have been altered to correct spelling and to conform to CBC style.)

'She's only in Moncton but it was wonderful to see her again,' says Michael Hilvers. (Submitted by Michael Hilvers)
'My husband meeting our only grandchild,' says Kim McCarthy. (Submitted by Kim McCarthy)
'My twins saw their daddy for the first time in nine months,' says Jillian Gaudet. (Submitted by Jillian Gaudet)
'We FaceTimed everyday but you can only say "soon buddy!" so many times,' says Melanie Visser. 'My heart was filled.' (Submitted by Melanie Visser)
'Eleven months since we saw our Island university boy,' says Caroline Archibald. 'Never has my heart felt like it was going to explode with love.' (Submitted by Caroline Archibald)
'My sister and son arrived from Brampton, Ont., to their cottage in Sea View,' says Mollie Cooke. (Submitted by Mollie Cooke)
'The first time I was together with all of my brothers in over two years,' says Chelsea Lee. (Submitted by Chelsea Lee)
'Reunited with my sisters after a year of being stuck due to COVID,' says Kristen Jenner. (Submitted by Kristen Jenner)
'Reunited with my niece,' says Jill Rae Woodworth. 'She's my world!' (Submitted by Jill Rae Woodworth)
'Able to meet our new grandson,' says Jackie Montgomery. (Submitted by Jackie Montgomery)

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