How to prepare for this week's rainstorm

A rainfall warning has been issued for P.E.I., and a wind warning may be coming. Here’s how to get ready.

There is still time to get ready

Your emergency kit should have supplies for three days. Make sure food has not passed best before dates. (Shutterstock/Alex Kosev)

A rainfall warning has been issued for P.E.I., and a wind warning may be coming. Here's how to get ready.

The storm is expected to start in the west late Monday afternoon and spread east.

"As we enter our winter storm season, this storm serves as a good reminder that we should always be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws our way," said CBC meteorologist Jay Scotland.

"With the frequency of extreme weather events expected to increase in the years ahead, having a 72 -hour emergency kit is also a good idea. These kits are not just for hurricane season."

Prepare for the rain

Make sure the downspouts around your house are properly connected and unobstructed.

Ensure sump pumps are working.

Be ready for poor travel conditions. There could be standing water or flooding on some roads and streets. Adjust your speed accordingly, and do not attempt to drive through flooded areas. It can be difficult to know what is under the water.

Unless it is necessary, stay at home.

Prepare for the wind

Make sure loose objects outside are either secure or brought inside.

Strong winds can cause power outages. Stock up on essential needs, such as food, water, prescription medicines and baby supplies before the storm comes.

If your water supply depends on electricity, fill your bathtub.

Charge up your cellphone so you can keep track of the latest news on the storm if the power goes out.


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