Charlottetown hospital wants Pokemon Go gone

Health PEI wants to make sure people playing Pokemon Go don't start flocking to its facilities.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital a Pokegym for popular game

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is seen as a pokegym on the Pokemon Go game. (Pokemon Go)

Health officials don't want Pokemon Go players chasing Pikachu around its facilities.

Last week, Health PEI became aware the Queen Elizabeth Hospital is a Pokegym, where players battle the characters they catch — it's a hot spot for the game that attracts players.

And one of the Pokestops, a checkpoint where players can collect items that enable them to collect Pokemon, is the Cancer Memorial Centre.

But Health PEI says it wants to stop Islanders from coming into the hospital to play the game so staff can focus on patient care.

Health PEI has asked the makers of the Pokemon Go game to remove the Queen Elizabeth Hospital as a 'hot spot' for the players. (CBC)

"We are working with the game's parent company to have the hospital removed from the game for a variety of reasons, most importantly is ensuring the safety, privacy and confidentiality of our patients," Health PEI said in an email to CBC News.

Health PEI has also asked the game's maker, Niantic Labs, to take the hospital and all other health-care sites on P.E.I. off the game.

The company told Health PEI it's working on the request.

The Cancer Memorial Centre is a poke-stop, where Pokemon Go players collect items that help them catch Pokemon.

With files from Patrick Faller