Charlottetown 8-ball league seeks newcomers to play

Charlottetown's popular 8-ball league is looking for new players, and hopes some of the Island's many newcomers from China will join.

'You've got to expect that at least a few of them are interested in pool'

P.E.I. 8-Ball League chair Andrew Sprague says the league is looking for newcomers to join. (Andrew Sprague/Facebook )

Charlottetown's popular 8-ball league is looking for new players.

8-ball is a game of billiards played on a table with six pockets and two teams — the goal is to be sink all your balls, then the 8 ball, to win.

"We're always looking for new teams, and individual players — we'll always be able to find a spot for you on a team," explains league chair Andrew Sprague.

Last year the league had 11 teams. The uneven number meant one team had to sit out weekly play, Sprague said. 

"We've recently engaged with the Chinese community here on P.E.I. — pool is huge in China," Sprague said.

"With the number of Chinese immigrants coming into the province, you've got to expect that at least a few of them are interested in pool." 

'We know there's an interest'

Any night of the week at Charlottetown pool hall Dooleys, Sprague said he sees several tables of Chinese players. "So we know there's an interest there."

"Players of any ability can play in this league," said Sprague, who ranks himself in the top 30 players on P.E.I. 

Beginners to experts, men and women, are welcome. 

"I like to say that there's one of everybody in the pool room — there's tradespeople, there's people who work for government like me, there's business owners," Sprague said. 

The league's prize pool last year was $20,000, Sprague said — money collected from league fees and fundraisers. Winning teams used the money to travel to one of dozens of pool tournaments in North America. 

'Best place on P.E.I. to play pool'

The league plays mid-September to mid-April. 

"Tuesdays in the winter at nighttime, really what are you gonna do?" Sprague said. "This is the best place on P.E.I. to play pool — is Tuesday nights at Dooley's in Charlottetown." 

The league is a great place to meet new friends, Sprague said.

The league is also talking about starting a youth division. 

To join, drop in to Dooley's league "fun night" Sept. 5 at 7 p.m. Nominal registration fees apply.

With files from CBC Radio: Mainstreet PEI