From highway accidents to school enrolments, find it on P.E.I. open data

The P.E.I. government’s new open data portal is up and running.

More data could be added

This chart from the P.E.I. open data website shows the number of provincial employees peaked in 2010. (P.E.I. Open Data)

The P.E.I. government's new open data portal is up and running.

It includes a wide range of statistical data: vehicle registration and school enrolment numbers, hospital expenses and impaired driving convictions, pesticide levels in streams and budget numbers.

The site was years in the making.

"We have tried to make sure the datasets we put up are substantive datasets that have a number of years, for example, and that also have an opportunity to tell a story over a period of time," said Carol Mayne, who has been responsible for overseeing the project.

"We're hopeful that we would be able to add new datasets."

Mayne said government departments make the decisions about what data will be included on the site, but added people can approach the departments to request specific information be published.

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