North Shore firefighters, EMS rescue man from Brackley Beach

Members of the North Shore Fire Department were able to rescue an elderly man from the Brackley Beach after he fell and was knocked unconscious for short time Tuesday night.

Senior taken to hospital after fall

A man was rescued from Brackley Beach after falling and injuring himself. (Sarah MacMillan/CBC)

Members of the North Shore Fire Department rescued a senior from Brackley Beach, P.E.I., after he fell and was unconscious for a short time Tuesday night.

Lt. Steve Jenkins says firefighters don't how the man fell, but he was in a location near the Brackley main beach that was not easily accessible. 

"His family was with him, he was an older gentleman," Jenkins said.

Firefighters got to the man on the beach on foot, carrying medical equipment to help stabilize him. 

"When we got there he was conscious," Jenkins said, adding the man was also bleeding from the head. 

Crews were able to find another access road and after cutting locks off a gate, took a personal vehicle to the beach. 

"At that point, EMS was en route so we stabilized the gentleman and waited for EMS to come to the beach." 

Taken to hospital

EMS took the man to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlottetown to be treated, Jenkins said.

While the man's condition is unknown, Jenkins added he was very talkative on the beach and appreciative of the help he received.

During the summer months the fire department gets calls once or twice a week for rescues on the beach. Jenkins suggests people never set out exploring on their own. 

"Ideally, make sure you're with someone, have a phone. It's great if you can tell us, get an idea of what part of the beach you are [on]."

Jenkins said that helps to find someone quicker if they need help. 

"Stay safe and watch for water conditions as well." 

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With files from Jessica Doria-Brown