Bringing people joy, one Nigerian dwarf goat at a time

A P.E.I. woman has invited some unique pets into her own home, and is now sharing them with the world.

Devon Saila says each of her 7 goats has a unique personality

Devon Saila currently has nine goats in her care, seven of which are Nigerian dwarf goats, the smallest breed of the animal. (Beach Goats P.E.I. )

A P.E.I. woman has invited some unique pets into her home, and is now sharing them with the world.

Devon Saila is a proud goat farmer from St. Chrysostome, P.E.I., who said her love for the animal started when she was young.

"I have always loved goats," said Saila. "As I got older and got some land I was like 'you know what? I'm doing it. I'm getting my goats.'"

Seven Nigerian dwarf goats later, and Saila has her hands full on the farm.

"They are a unique little bread. They're the smallest breed of goat," Saila said, who explains that the animals are known for their unique colours, patterns and turquoise blue eyes.

Saila says each of the goats has their own unique personalities, and love being near the water. (Beach Goats P.E.I.)

She said there's no shortage of mischief in her home, where the goats are welcome, and that the pets each have their own unique personalities.

"They just make you feel better. They're so compassionate. They can sense your feelings and emotions," Saila said.

Fun... and fashion?

And beyond the antics, she's also taken to dressing up some of the goats in different outfits.

"They look so cute. I just had to do it," Saila said, who adorns them with necklaces and tutus.

Saila and her family began dressing up some of the goats when one of them needed a garment to keep a diaper in place. "It just kind of snowballed into something," she says. (Beach Goats P.E.I.)

"It just kind of snowballed into something."

Now, the goats are spreading the joy across the Island. Saila has started a Facebook page featuring the goats, called Beach Goats P.E.I., and has brought them into town.

She also gets them involved in different events where people can see the dwarf goats all dressed up.

These goats aren't shy. Saila and her family bring the Nigerian dwarf goats into town and involve them in events throughout the community. (Beach Goats P.E.I.)

"You can see the stress melt away from them and that's what we do it for. Just for the happiness and it brings people such joy and love to see them dressed up."

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