P.E.I.'s NDP to develop sexual harassment policy in wake of #MeToo movement

Leah-Jane Hayward, president of the P.E.I. New Democrats, says discussions about a sexual harassment policy started recently in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Party president says NDP has anti-bullying policy but not specific to sexual harassment

Leah-Jane Hayward, the Island's NDP president, says the party will develop a policy concerning workplace sexual harassment over the next few months and submit it to the executive for approval. (Steve Bruce/CBC)

The New Democratic Party in Prince Edward Island is creating its first sexual harassment policy.

Party president Leah-Jane Hayward says discussions about creating a new policy started in the last few months in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

As women around the world come forward with their stories of sexual harassment, allegations of sexual misconduct have affected Canadian politics as well.

Hayward says the NDP want to address the issue.

"As far as behaviour, we have a anti-bullying policy in the constitution but we didn't have an actual specific one for sexual harassment," she said. 

 A four-person committee is in place to look at a policy for the NDP and will submit it to the executive for approval within a few months.

"They are working on a specific policy of what is considered sexual harassment and what should happen when somebody does complain,"​ Hayward said.

Other parties introduce, tighten up candidate vetting process

The PC Party of P.E.I. recently announced it was developing a vetting process for future candidates in light of the #MeToo movement.

As far as behaviour, we have an anti-bullying policy in the constitution but we didn't have an actual, specific one for sexual harassment.— Leah-Jane Hayward

Anna Keenan, the president of Green Party of P.E.I, also told CBC News earlier this month that the Greens have pieced together a tighter vetting process for future candidates.

She also said the Green's women's caucus is developing a party-wide harassment policy or code of conduct to implement in the next year.

The Liberal party said it doesn't have a formal candidate-vetting procedure, but the issue will likely come up at its AGM. 

Hayward says there's been no decision yet to look at the NDP's candidate-vetting process

With files from Sarah MacMillan