NDP chooses Mike Redmond as candidate for Charlottetown-Parkdale byelection

The NDP Leader Mike Redmond will be running in familiar territory in the by-election in District 11.

NDP was the last party to select a candidate for District 11 byelection Nov. 27

Mike Redmond will be the candidate for the NDP in the upcoming byelection for District 11. (Brian Higgins/CBC)

The NDP Leader Mike Redmond will be running in familiar territory in the byelection in District 11: Charlottetown-Parkdale.

It's where he grew up.

"I lived here 35 years," said Redmond, at the party's nomination meeting in a micro-brewery on Allen Street in the district Thursday evening. 

He says his position as party leader will make a difference in the legislature.

"Overwhelmingly, party members and people within the community said 'Mike, we need you in the legislature. We need that voice that can ask a second question. The first question's easy. It's the one to articulate Islanders desire to have openness and transparency and ask tough questions of government,'" Redmond said.

Redmond said education and electoral reform are key issues across the province. 

In District 11, he cited affordable housing as a challenge that needs to be addressed.

'I know the place very well'

Surrounded by a dozen party faithful, with wife Aleida Tweten and son James at his side, Redmond noted the micro-brewery sits on the site on Allen Street where he grew up.

"So I know the place very well. I know the people very well. So it wasn't a very difficult step for me to take," he said.

Redmond will enter the race in District 11 against three nominees already selected: Liberal Bob Doiron, PC Melissa Hilton and Green Party representative Hannah Bell.

The District 11 byelection was called to fill the seat vacated when former MLA Doug Currie resigned from his position in October.

The byelection is set for Monday, Nov. 27.