2nd election period poll finds Greens leading in P.E.I.

The P.E.I. Green Party got more good news in a poll released Thursday morning.

Green Leader Bevan-Baker still favoured for premier

Advance polls have been busy, with 22 per cent of Islanders voting in the first two. (Brian Higgins/CBC)

The P.E.I. Green Party got more good news in a poll released Thursday morning.

The MQO Research poll — like the Narrative Research poll published Wednesday — found the Green Party leading, though by a larger margin.

While the Narrative Research poll found all three parties close in their levels of support, MQO gives the Green Party a clear lead among decided and leaning voters.

  • Green Party: 40%.
  • Progressive Conservative: 29%.
  • Liberal Party: 26%.
  • NDP: 3%.

The MQO poll found 25 per cent were still undecided, refused to vote or would not vote. Both polls were conducted last weekend. MQO reached 400 Islanders on the phone from Thursday to Tuesday.

The margin of error among decided voters in the MQO poll is 5.7 percentage points.

"If this trend holds, we are heading for a historic night in Canadian politics," said MQO VP Stephen Moore.

Green support is up six per cent since the last quarterly poll from MQO.

Moore said the election is being driven by the leaders, with Green Leader Peter Bevan-Baker the clear favourite for premier in the poll. He was first choice for premier of 53% of people reached. Liberal Leader Wade MacLauchlan and Progressive Conservative Leader Dennis King were tied with 21 per cent of support. NDP Leader Joe Byrne trailed at 4 per cent. 

The margin of error for the leaders section of the poll is 5.5 percentage points.

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