P.E.I. powerlifter sets world record

It took a few weeks to confirm it, but P.E.I. powerlifter Noah Manning is now a world record holder.

Noah Manning lifted more than 3 times his weight

Noah Manning lifted 260 kg. (Team Indy Powerlifting/Facebook)

It took a few weeks to confirm it, but P.E.I. powerlifter Noah Manning is now a world record holder.

Manning, a first-year student at UPEI, set the record at an event in Souris on Oct. 27. He deadlifted 260 kilograms, more than three times his own weight.

"My goals going into the meet were to get the national records," said Manning.

The national record for dead lift was 255.5 kilograms. On his third lift he broke that record with 256 kilograms. He still had a lift to go, so he rounded it up to 260.

"I figured it was just a national record at the time, but a few weeks later I was checking online, to set some more goals," he said.

"I wanted to see what the world records were, then I saw my name there. I was really surprised."

The record was confirmed by international referees at the event.

Setting goals

Manning is a raw powerlifter, meaning he wears minimal gear for his lifts — just a belt. His coach, Tom Nichols, said that form of lifting is becoming more popular because it is easy to get started.

Manning himself began power lifting casually in Grade 10, but started to take it more seriously in Grade 11 when Nichols became his coach.

"Just basically to get in shape, just for my health. That was the main reason at first," said Manning.

"Once I competed in powerlifting, the way you set your goals and achieve them, it just got addictive almost."

Manning has learned that he is only a couple of kilograms short of the world record in squat, so his next goal is clear.

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