P.E.I. chef finishes in top 3 in Top Chef Canada

Top Chef Canada wrapped up Season 8 on the Food Network Monday night, and P.E.I. chef Lucy Morrow was still there.

‘I’m still proud of myself’

By Episode 8, P.E.I. chef Lucy Morrow says she was able to start to forget about the competition and just cook. (Top Chef Canada/Food Network)

Top Chef Canada wrapped up Season 8 on the Food Network Monday night, and P.E.I. chef Lucy Morrow was still there.

Unfortunately, a top-three finish was as far as she was going to get.

"The sting of losing is still there, but I'm still proud of myself," said the 26-year-old native of Lunenburg County, N.S.

After taping seven episodes, Morrow said she wasn't thinking that much about the other competitors in the final show.

"At that stage you're used to the process and it is enjoyable that you're just going out there and cooking food that you love," she said.

"You don't really think a lot about them. I was cooking against myself."

The final challenge saw the last three competitors cooking a menu that had a personal touch.

"What I ended up doing was really reflecting on my childhood, where I grew up and things that were important to me," said Morrow.

She couldn't resist the rabbit she found at the market in Elora, Ont., where the final challenge was held. It reminded her of the game her family and neighbours would bring home from hunting trips to cook when she was young.

Morrow deglazes a pan of rabbit with some black rum. (Top Chef Canada/Food Network)

She glazed the rabbit in black rum, reflecting the rum drinking of Nova Scotia's south shore, and finished the meal with apple pie.

"Afterward, I realized that serving apple pie as my final course on Top Chef Canada was kind of silly, like, who serves apple pie?" she said.

But this was not your typical slice with a scoop of vanilla. It included a miso semifreddo and pecans.

Morrow called her apple pie the best dessert she made during the competition. (Top Chef Canada/Food Network)

The judges loved the rabbit, raved about the apple pie, but ultimately gave the top prize to Quebec chef Francis Blais.

Because Phase 3 started Monday, Morrow was thrilled she was actually able to sit down with friends over dinner to watch the episode.

If you want a taste of Morrow's cooking you'll have to make your way to Borden-Carleton, where she will be creating in Terry's Berries food truck. She'll also be doing some cooking for Lone Oak Brewing.

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