Longest lobster roll? Not so fast, New Hampshire

The P.E.I. Fishermen's Association believes it still holds the record for the world's longest lobster roll.

It's all about the roll, says PEIFA

The New Hampshire lobster roll included a lot of lobster, but was it a single roll? (Submitted by British Beer Company)

The P.E.I. Fishermen's Association believes it still holds the record for the world's longest lobster roll.

Last week, a chef in Portsmouth, N.H., claimed he'd created a 48.6-metre lobster roll, topping the P.E.I. record, as verified by the World Record Academy.

The announcement foiled plans by the Shediac Lobster Festival to create a new record with a 150-foot (45.7-metre) roll to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.

Questions raised

But the PEIFA is now refuting the claims of Portsmouth chef James Gibney of the British Beer Company..

The association believes the New Hampshire roll was not made from one continuous piece of bread — general manager Ian MacPherson said the World Record Academy is specific about that requirement.

There must be no breaks in the bun, says the P.E.I. Fishermen's Association. (British Beer Company/Facebook)

"Ours was a continuous one," said MacPherson.

"Based on the criteria that we've been advised to have some sort of world record in place, we're sticking with the continuous roll. And so Shediac will be making their attempt here very soon and we'll see what transpires after that."

The P.E.I. lobster roll was made from a single, continuous roll. (PEI International Shellfish Festival/Facebook)

CBC News asked how PEIFA created the continuous 36.5-metre roll for its record, but MacPherson said that's the secret, and described it as a challenge. He said it took a number of years and different attempts for P.E.I. to figure it out.

Chef James Gidney, who headed up the team that built the roll in New Hampshire confirmed his roll was made up of five foot sections that we cut together. He added he doesn't plan to certify the record.

The Shediac Lobster Festival has resumed its plans to try to break P.E.I.'s record on July 5.

MacPherson said he welcomes the challenge from New Hampshire, saying the good-natured competition is a great promotion for the lobster industry in both Canada and the United States.