Lawn tractor falls off North Shore embankment, driver injured

A resident of Grand Tracadie is recuperating in hospital, after the lawn tractor she was driving rolled off her waterfront embankment Friday.

Family member suspects brake failure in lawn tractor mishap in Grand Tracadie

According to a family member, the woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries. (Brian Higgins/CBC)

A resident of Grand Tracadie, P.E.I., is recovering in hospital, after the lawn tractor she was driving rolled off her waterfront embankment.

North Shore Fire Department and Island EMS were called to the property just before 2 p.m. Friday.

Fire department rescuers used a stretcher to carry the injured woman up the embankment to the ambulance crew which took her to hospital.

The woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries, according to a family member. The family member said the blades were turning, but they didn't touch the woman.

Brake failure believed to be at fault

According to the family member, the brakes failed on the lawn tractor, causing the woman to be thrown off the machine and down the embankment. The tractor rolled down and over her, and came to rest on the beach below.

The woman fell about one metre, landing part way down the embankment, according to Steve Jenkins, lieutenant of the North Shore Fire Department Rescue Squad. The lawn tractor came to rest on its wheels, about 1.5 metres below the injured woman, according to Jenkins.

There's no indication that the embankment gave way or caved in, according to Jenkins.

Fifteen volunteer fire fighters responded to the call.

The family member said the lawn tractor was damaged beyond repair.