Aging Kensington pool getting up to $20K in repairs

The aging E.V.K. Memorial Pool in Kensington, P.E.I. is undergoing some repair work, costing the town between $15,000 and $20,000.

The pool is approximately 30-years-old

The E.V.K. Memorial Pool is about 30 years old, explains Geoff Baker, the CAO for the Town of Kensington. (Submitted by Town of Kensington)

The aging E.V.K. Memorial Pool in Kensington, P.E.I., is undergoing some repair work that will cost the town between $15,000 and $20,000.

Geoff Baker, Kensington's chief administrative officer, says contractors have had to hammer out some concrete to inspect and work on one of the pipes. They are going to replace the coping mechanism on one end of the pool and will need to reinstate the concrete once the repair work is complete.

The facility is approximately 30 years old.

"I think the crux of the problem really is the age of the pool," said Baker.

Maintenance and repair work is currently underway at the outdoor swimming pool in Kensington. (Submitted by Town of Kensington)

"It's a wet area generally around the pool so with the freezing and thawing the concrete heaves and cracks and the deck gets uneven and things of that nature, so the pipes that supply the pool are underneath, inside the concrete," he said.

"With that freezing and thawing, the pipes have the ability to crack."

Hoping to open July 1

The outdoor swimming pool is funded through property tax dollars and normally costs the town approximately $25,000 per year to operate, with most of that going towards labour costs.

This year's repair expenditures are in addition to those regular annual costs.

The repair work should be done by June 18 to give the town enough time to open the pool to the public on July 1. (Submitted by Town of Kensington)

Though Baker said that the repair is not a huge concern for the town, he does anticipate that the future of the facility is a conversation that town council will want to have down the road.

"I would anticipate within the next three to five years maybe, town council will want to deliberate on the future of the pool," he said.

"As to whether we will maintain the existing pool facility, whether or not we'll want to construct a new pool in another location or in the same location, or whether or not it's a service that we want to continue to provide to residents of Kensington and residents of the area."

Baker said the immediate goal is to have the pool open for use July 1.

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