Pogey Beach feature film is a go!

The makers of Just Passing Through have reached their fundraising goals for their first feature film, Pogey Beach, through a kickstarter campaign.

Just Passing Through makers raise enough for feature film

Shooting of the film will begin in September (Facebook)

The makers of Just Passing Through have reached their fundraising goals for their first feature film Pogey Beach through a kickstarter campaign. 

Co-creator and director Jeremy Larter said the campaign to make a feature film on P.E.I. was nerve-racking at times. 

"It's a roller coaster of a ride for 30 days, you have lots of days when you don't think you're actually going to get there, but fortunately the fans came through huge last week" he said. 

'Amazing fans'

The campaign raised $53,510 from 406 backers, and it isn't the first time fans have come to the team's rescue.

"It's incredible. We've got amazing fans. They also kicked in and saved the second season of the show when they put in $56,000 towards that budget in 2014. " he said.

Typically a company would want more money for a feature, Larter said, but they want to keep the projects rolling. 

"For us, we kind of want to keep momentum going with our projects," he said.

"We just released season two of Just Passing Through. We don't really know what's going to happen with the show yet — we're still looking for funders for a third season — so in the meantime we wanted to come out with something else. So that's why we were going to push forward with the movie even with the small $50,000 budget. "

Exploring distribution options

Larter hopes the film will be completed by the beginning of 2017, but don't expect to find the finished project online right away. Larter said they are looking at other forms of distribution for this project.

"Anyone who had backed the kick starter campaign is going to be able to get a copy of the film. But then, for us, we're going to look at larger distribution. So we won't be releasing it for free on the Internet for quite some time." he said. 

"Ideally we'd be able to find a streaming service or be able to sell it in other countries, that kind of thing. Feature films have a little bit more flexibility in terms of distribution. There's kind of more avenues for that than something like Just Passing Through, which is an independent web series." he added.

Shooting is planned for mid- to late-September.