Traci Lynch was afraid Joel Clow would hurt her, witnesses tell court

Several friends of Traci Lynch testified today at the trial of the man accused of murdering her. They told the court Lynch was happy at times with Joel Clow, but also sometimes afraid he would hurt her.

WARNING The details and language in this story may be disturbing to some

Joel Clow is accused of murdering Traci Lynch. (CBC)


  • Joel Clow later pleaded guilty to manslaughter after a previous murder conviction was overturned.

Several friends of Traci Lynch testified Wednesday at the trial of the man accused of murdering her. 

The witnesses, called by the Crown, told the court Lynch was happy at times with Joel Clow, but also sometimes afraid he would hurt her. They said Lynch told them of several disturbing incidents.

Joel Clow is on trial for first-degree murder in the death of Lynch on July 24, 2015, in Pleasant Grove, P.E.I. He has pleaded not guilty.

One friend testified Lynch told him Clow had put all her clothes in a bathtub and poured bleach over them, and on another occasion flooded her house with a garden hose.

That friend also testified that just two days before Lynch's death they found Clow hiding in Lynch's garage. The friend told court Wednesday Lynch wanted to call police, but he talked her out of it.

One of Clow's friends told the court Lynch had once smashed the windshield and headlights of Clow's truck after he refused to give her a lift, and that Clow had responded by saying, "I'll kill that bitch some day."

On cross-examination however, the man agreed that is a common figure of speech.

Admissibility in question

Under cross-examination the defence questioned the reliability of another witness, who has a long criminal record and had supplied Clow and Lynch with drugs in the past.

The testimony of the witnesses was covered under a voir dire, which means the judge has yet to decide whether to admit it as evidence. That could take several days.

Accused's son testifies

The court also heard Wednesday from the adult son of Clow, who testified his father was using a lot of drugs and drinking heavily in the weeks leading up to Lynch's death.




Snowball headed to hell- Jeremy Clow


Jeremy Clow, 25, told court his father was using alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana in the summer of 2015. He also testified he frequently saw his father and Lynch using drugs and alcohol together.


Increasing drug use

Under cross examination, Jeremy Clow told court his father's drug use escalated after his father began spending time with Lynch. Court has heard they had been in a relationship for about six months.


"You told police Traci Lynch was a 'snowball headed to hell,'" said defence lawyer Joel Pink. "What did you mean?"


"They were doing drugs all the time," Clow testified.


Clow testified he made five trips to his father's rural property the day before Lynch's death, and after. He came and went to pick up tools, and drop off scrap furniture.


Two of the trips took place while Lynch's body was still in a wooded area on the property in a wheelbarrow, concealed under a blanket and tarp.


Clow testified he did not see anything unusual.

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