Instagram takeover: Pamela Doyle, beachcomber and 'ocean-loving gal'

Pamela Doyle's Instagram handle is self-descriptive — it's @oceanluvngal. "I spend as much time as possible near the water," she says.

'It kind of evolved into me sharing my love of P.E.I. with the world'

As a beachcomber, Pamela Doyle says sand dollars can be elusive. She found this sand dollar propped perfectly on some seaweed. 'I was very lucky,' she said. (Pamela Doyle)

CBC P.E.I. is featuring a local photographer on our Instagram page every Wednesday this summer. This week, we're showcasing the work of Pamela Doyle.

Pamela Doyle's Instagram handle is self-descriptive — it's @oceanluvngal.

"I spend as much time as possible near the water. So, whether I'm at a harbour or on a beach, or just driving along the coastline … I felt it was really suitable," she said. 

Raised near Tignish, P.E.I., and now living in Summerside, the ocean has been a lifelong love.

"Of course, because I'm out along the coast so much and because I love P.E.I. so much, it kind of evolved into me sharing my love of P.E.I. with the world," she said.

All her photos are taken with her phone.

"I just like to point and shoot in the moment," she said. "What you see is what you get."

Combing the beaches for treasures, photos

An avid beachcomber, Doyle uses her account to connect and network with other beachcombers.

Doyle says she loves it when she can talk a friend into going beachcombing with her. In this photo, she had her friend pose to show the scale of the rock formations. (Pamela Doyle)

For this photo, Doyle heard about a new rock formation near North Cape, P.E.I.

"So of course, the very next time I was up there I had to go find this spot," she said.

"It was quite a walk to get to it, but it was well worth it."

Searching for the best lupin patch

Doyle loves lupin season on P.E.I., and said she's always searching for the best patch to snap a photo of.

Doyle loves this particular lupin shot, taken in Spring Brook, P.E.I., because it has water and a bit of red cliffs in the background. (Pamela Doyle)

"Just when I think I've found the best patch and have taken a million photos, it seems like the next one just takes my breath away and I have to stop and take a bunch more photos again," she said.

The most colourful buoys

Doyle's favourite harbour to photograph is Seacow Pond.

"They seem to have the most colourful buoys of anywhere I've seen on P.E.I.," she said.

Doyle says the harbour at Seacow Pond, P.E.I., always has the most colourful buoys. This photos proves her point. (Pamela Doyle)

She said the lobster fishermen there still use traditional lobster traps, with the "arched look," something she enjoys for her pictures.

Yellow on yellow

While at The Dunes in Brackley, a yellow butterfly flew past Doyle's car, so she followed it to get a photo.

Doyle followed this butterfly, waiting for a photo when it landed. It chose to colour-coordinate with a flower. (Pamela Doyle)

"He landed as soon as we stepped into the garden on these beautiful yellow flowers," she said.

"It as just one of those coincidences that worked out better than you could have planned it."

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