How to responsibly dispose of your berry boxes on P.E.I.

While berry season is a welcome time of year for people across P.E.I., some Islanders might be wondering how to dispose of the boxes when they're done with them.  

Some berry boxes are recyclable, others are compostable

While gobbling up a fresh pint of berries is easy, sorting the boxes can be confusing. (Jon Hernandez/CBC)

While berry season is a welcome time of year for people across P.E.I., some Islanders might be wondering how to dispose of the boxes once their sweet contents are gone.  

According to the Island Waste Management Corporation, there are a couple of options when it comes to responsibly getting rid of your berry boxes. 

Heather Myers, disposal manager with IWMC, has a few tips to keep in mind while sorting your berry boxes this season.

1. Wooden boxes

Island Waste Management Corporation wants you to know which berry boxes are compostable on P.E.I. (Brittany Spencer/CBC)

These boxes are one of the most common you'll find on the Island and are compostable — even with the tiny staples, which keep them together, said Myers. 

"Those little small staples are small and reasonably fragile so they tend to rust in the composting process and break down enough that we don't worry about them."

2. Paper boxes 

These boxes are made from "similar material you would see with like an egg carton," Myers said.  

These boxes are recyclable and Islanders can put them into blue bags, along with paper product. 

"Even if they are a little bit stained, that's OK but just make sure there's no berries in it or dirt or leaves or anything," she said.

3. Plastic containers

Islanders need to be careful when sorting plastic berry boxes, as not all are numbered and recyclable on P.E.I. (Submitted by Anneke Funk)

These are identified with a recyclable symbol and are numbered one through five, Myers said. 

"They belong in blue bag number two," she said. 

4. Miscellaneous 

Sorting these boxes can be a little tricky as they don't have a recyclable symbol or number, Myers said. 

They are meant to be sorted into the waste bin. These boxes tend to travel a longer way and are typically sold at larger grocery stores. 

"But I find the berry boxes aren't too bad. The recycling symbols are a little larger than some of the other containers," she said.  

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