6 spooky things to do on P.E.I. this Halloween

Here are some things to do and places to see during the rest of October.

There's a place on this list that's so scary it has a safeword

You never know where you'll run into some ghosts and ghouls this month. (Getty Images)

Fixing to get a scare? Or maybe you've always wanted to shoot some zombies?

There are tons of places to go and things to see to get your final frights in during the Halloween season.

Here are some things to do and places to see during the rest of October.

1. Halloween Nights of Fear

The Haunted Mansion in Kensington is a go-to spot for Islanders during the Halloween season. (Haunted Mansion/Facebook)

When the sun goes down, head into P.E.I.'s terrifying Haunted Mansion.

Located at Victoria Street West in Kensington, the famous, Island favourite Haunted Mansion has reopened its doors once again to make the young and old jump out of their skin.

The massive, pearl-white gothic building is hard to miss and the kid-friendly scare session is ready to host people of all ages.

Ghosts and ghouls hide in the mansion's darkest corners and stalk the secret gardens waiting for you — the mansion is open until Monday, Oct. 30.

2. Crossfire Adventure Paintball

Pew! Pew! Grab your comrades and head to Crossfire Adventure Paintball for some zombie-shooting fun before season's end. (Crossfire Adventure Paintball/Facebook)

​The apocalypse is here and Crossfire Adventure Paintball needs you to fight back the horde.

The paintball fields are located in Cavendish, next to the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum.

Though the zombie apocalypse live role-playing game is now over, Crossfire Adventure Paintball is hosting another big event on Oct. 28 and 29: "Operation Hunger."

The new scenario takes place on the fictional island R'Bekkastan, where North Korea has unleashed an army of super soldiers — zombies that are virtually unstoppable. 

The goal for paintballers is to "eliminate any threat, recover the missing teams, and discover what secrets are held on this island."

The event is open for people 16 and older, newbie or expert paintballer.

3. Kool Breeze Haunted Farm

There may or may not be Children of the Corn at Kool Breeze's Haunted Farm. (Kool Breeze Haunted Farm/Facebook)

This one will send a real chill down your spine.

The Kool Breeze Haunted Farm, near the end of the Blue Shank Road in Summerside, is another terrifying place to be this Halloween season.

People can trek through the Haunted Farm and Corn Maze in the dark of night, and if they're a little too scared, they could run off and grab snacks and icecream from the barn.

Kool Breeze is warning that the haunted farm is terrifying, so children under 13 must have an adult accompany.

The haunted farm has been scaring Islanders throughout October and is having a their final seasonal scares from Wednesday, Oct. 25 to Saturday, Oct. 28.

4. Nightmare VHS Board Game Night

Small Print Board Game Café is throwing back to the '90s with the return of the video boardgame Nightmare. (Small Print Board Game Café/Facebook)

Looking for something that won't make you jump as much?

Small Print Board Game Café on Grafton Street in Charlottetown is delving into the archives to host a boardgame fright night.

On Oct. 24-25, groups will play along with the escape-room-like 1991 horror video boardgame Nightmare.

During the game, groups will race against the clock to escape from "The Other Side" and the mysterious "Gatekeeper." 

Space is limited so groups may have to register early.

5. Gothic Market and Witches Ball

The Gothic Market and Witches Ball will fill all your scary-shopping and dancing needs. (PolkaDotChair.com)

You may not be terrified here, but the Gothic Market and Witches Ball will have have what you need to tie a bow on the Halloween season as well as pick up some gifts for Christmas.

Starting on Saturday, Oct. 28 at the Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown, shoppers will be able to purchase all sorts of freaky, spooky, witchy items from all sorts of vendors.

There will also be fortune tellers, face painters as well as Becca Griffin of The Cat's Pajamas Theatre Co., who will entertain children with a spooky craft pop-up and sing-a-long.

You can also try witchy yoga from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The Witches Ball begins later that night for people over 19.

There's a dance, Halloween contest, tarot readers and more running from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.

6. Route 6 Motel

People are petrified going through the Route 6 Motel. (Route 6 Motel/Facebook)

This place is so scary, there's a safeword.  

Located near Sandspit in Cavendish, the Route 6 Motel will have you running home in flash.

Terror-enthusiasts can run, walk or crawl through the pitch black Route 6 Motel's haunted halls from Oct. 27-29, before it closes for the season.

Groups have been known to shudder and shreik together as they sprint through the so-called "scariest haunted house in Atlantic Canada."

Though, if you're too frightened, stop and scream "check out!" three times and someone will remove you from the haunted hotel.