Elizabeth May stops off to support P.E.I. Greens

The P.E.I. Green Party and Leader Peter Bevan-Baker is the first to get on the ground support from a federal leader.

‘It's about what we want to see in democracy, it's not voting by brand’

'It's about what we want to see in democracy, it's not voting by brand,' says federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May who joined P.E.I. Green Party Leader Peter Bevan-Baker in Evangeline to show support. (Natalia Goodwin/CBC)

The P.E.I. Green Party and Leader Peter Bevan-Baker are the first to get on-the-ground support from a federal leader.

Federal Green Leader Elizabeth May, alongside New Brunswick MLAs David Coon and Megan Mitton joined the P.E.I Greens in Evangeline Monday morning — wading through supporters and fiddle music to back the provincial party.

May addressed the room in French, saying Islanders have the opportunity to do something extraordinary and set an example for the rest of Canada and that it's possible to choose someone because of their integrity not simply their party colour.

"It's about what we want to see in democracy it's not voting by brand, but voting for what you want to see as a change," she said.

Peter Bevan-Baker is still pinching himself every morning to make sure he's not dreaming, he said, the Greens are ahead in the polls a week away from the election with the possibility of forming government. 

"It is real, it is absolutely real."

Ready to lead?

Bevan-Baker is constantly asked if he is ready to run the province under the Green Party, he said.

"The answer to that is an unequivocal yes. It has taken me a long time to get to the point where I can say that sincerely and comfortably, but I really am."

Bevan-Baker said he is ready both emotionally and politically to become premier of P.E.I.

"The party itself is ready. We are running an absolutely stellar campaign here."

The Greens have 27 candidates running in the election and Bevan-Baker said the party platform has been well received and Islanders are also ready for a Green government.

"It's so humbling to be in the middle of this and it is so lovely to be in the middle of all these beautiful Green people."

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