P.E.I. film, TV industry get $350K boost

The province announced two new initiatives on Thursday aimed at supporting and growing the film and television industry on P.E.I.

Film Media Fund will 'trigger off-Island investments,' says Film PEI president

The new programs are funded by $350,000 from P.E.I.'s Department of Economic Development and Tourism. (Submitted by Harmony Wagner/Periscope Pictures)

The province announced two new initiatives on Thursday aimed at supporting and growing the film and television industry on P.E.I.

The programs are being funded with $350,000 from the Department of Economic Development and Tourism.

The Film Media Fund is designed to encourage more homegrown independent film and television with $250,000. 

And $100,000 will go to a new training fund called Film4Ward that will help four teams create proof-of-concept short versions of their films, in hopes of attracting even more funding. 

Training for 'emerging talent'

Good-paying jobs and economic spinoffs are benefits of a successful film and television industry, said Film PEI president Emma Fugate in a written release Wednesday. 

'A successful film and television industry benefits all Islanders,' says Film PEI's Emma Fugate. (Avigator Thailand/Shutterstock)

She hopes the Film Media Fund will trigger off-Island investments from broadcasters and federal funders for P.E.I.-produced projects, "putting us on a more equal footing with the rest of Canada."

The training fund meanwhile is designed offer workshops, job shadowing and hands-on experience. 

"Film 4Ward is going to give our emerging talent the opportunity to train with experienced professionals and create short films that can be the catalyst to successful careers," said Fugate.

The film and television industry are important to P.E.I.'s economy and culture, the province noted in the release. 

"Even though we are small, we surprise people with what we accomplish — including the volume and quality of film and TV produced here. By providing this steady and accessible funding, we can continue to promote and grow our film industry," said Economic Development and Tourism Minister Chris Palmer. 

The new programs are part of the government's Culture Action Plan.

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