P.E.I. gas price back over $1.30

After weeks of holding steady the price of gas on P.E.I. was back up again Friday morning.

Diesel, heating oil also up. propane down

Gas prices are at their highest in two years. (Mitch Cormier/CBC)

After weeks of holding steady the price of gas on P.E.I. was back up again Friday morning.

The change came with the regular weekly price review from the island Regulatory and Appeals Commission.

The minimum cost of a litre of self-serve, regular gasoline rose 3.4 cents to $1.304.

That price had held steady at $1.27 for four weeks, a slight drop from this year's peak price of $1.316 in mid-March. The price of gas bounced around $1 a litre for most of the last half of 2020, but began to rise and has been more than $1.20 since the end of February, the highest prices in two years.

The price of diesel and furnace oil is also up.

The minimum price for a litre of self-serve diesel is up 1.2 cents to $1.256

The maximum price for heating oil is up 1.1 cents a litre to $0.941.

Propane saw some significant price decreases, with the changes varying by retailer.

Here are the changes in maximum prices per litre for bulk delivery

  • Irving: Down 4.1 cents to $0.813.
  • Kenmac: Down 4.1 cents to $0.829.
  • Noonan: Down 2.0 cents to $0.829.
  • Parkland: Down 2.0 cents to $0.819.
  • Superior: Down 4.2 cents to $0.818.

The next scheduled price review from IRAC is May 14.

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