Ice, ice, maybe: Storm forecast for Saturday still uncertain, says Jay Scotland

A series of low-pressure systems has the potential to bring messy weather to Prince Edward Island Friday and Saturday.

Confederation Bridge advises of possible restrictions Wednesday

A prolonged period of freezing rain is possible Saturday. (The Associated Press)

It could be ice, it could be rain, but one thing is almost certain: there will be a lot of water falling on P.E.I. Saturday.

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement regarding a series of low-pressure systems forecast to cross the Island Friday and Saturday. The agency issued its first statement about the systems Tuesday morning, and has issued several updates since.

There could be significant rain Friday and into Saturday, says Environment Canada, and possibly a prolonged period of freezing rain Saturday.

CBC meteorologist Jay Scotland said there is still a lot of uncertainty in the forecast, with different models presenting different scenarios.

"There is still the potential for significant freezing rain on Saturday," Scotland said.

"Some forecast models are calling for rain and others for very icy conditions. It is still too early to be sure exactly what the impact will be for the Island this weekend."

Scotland advised Islanders to continue checking for updates in the forecast.

Strong winds Wednesday

Cold weather returned to P.E.I. Wednesday.

The high is expected to reach just -10 C, and the wind will blow out of the northwest at 30 km/h with gusts to 50.

With those winds, Confederation Bridge says there will be traffic restrictions throughout the day, up until about 9 p.m.