Free tampons, pads at some P.E.I. libraries

P.E.I. libraries in Kings County are now giving away menstrual products such as pads and tampons.

Anyone is welcome to the products whether or not they are visiting the library

P.E.I. libraries in Kings County are giving away tampons and pads. (CBC)

The eight public libraries in Kings County, P.E.I., are now giving away menstrual products for free.

It's part of an initiative funded by the Montague Rotary Club.

"It can be a costly thing that people need so we just thought that there might be some folks that would appreciate having access to it without the associated cost," said Krystal Dionne of the Montague Rotary Library.

Dionne said anyone is welcome to the products.

"Our hope would be that everyone feels welcome to use the products that are in the bathrooms whether they had intended to visit the library or not."

Dionne said she created baskets for each of the eight libraries in the county with a couple varieties of tampons in different sizes with both plastic and cardboard applicators, and pads.

"We just started small, we're just going to see how much it is utilized and what the need really is."

She said the program will continue as long as funding is available.

The hope is to also get some products donated as well. There are collection boxes set up at libraries.

Dionne said she would like to see the products offered in libraries across the province, but the funding from Montague Rotary Club is just intended for use in the area.

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With files from Stephanie Kelly


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