Charlottetown fire chief reminds residents of winter fire safety

As temperatures drop, the risk of house fires goes up, so Charlottetown's fire chief says now is the time to think fire prevention.

Homeowners urged to take time and check out potential fire hazards

Chief Randy MacDonald is urging people to check for potential fire hazards before winter. (CBC)

Charlottetown Fire Chief Randy MacDonald says people should keep fire safety in mind as the winter season approaches. 

He said as temperatures drop, the risk of house fires goes up.

MacDonald says there are more house fires during the winter months and people need to pay close attention to potential fire hazards such as fireplaces, furnaces, heat pumps, chimneys, and space heaters.

"So now is the time to take a little wander through the house and make sure your appliances are where they should be and that they have been cleaned, checked and inspected," said MacDonald.

"And if you're using lights and that sort of things, Christmas lights, you know make sure you refer to the manufacturer's instructions."

MacDonald said the snow last year was so high in Charlottetown and other areas that it blocked some propane vents which caused problems.

Homeowners with wood stoves should make sure flues are cleaned and that they only use dry wood, the fire chief added. 

MacDonald said that in addition to having working smoke alarms, homeowners should install carbon monoxide alarms outside of all the bedrooms in homes with a fuel-burning appliance, a fireplace, or an attached garage.


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