Summerside happy to get new 'dependable' fire trucks

Summerside residents got a chance Sunday to see two new pumper fire trucks the city purchased for a total cost of $937,000.

'When we respond to a fire, we know we're not going to have any problems with them,' fire chief says

Summerside residents got a chance to examine the city's two new fire trucks on Sunday. The trucks cost a total of $937,000. (Submitted by Summerside fire department)

Summerside residents got a chance Sunday to see two new pumper fire trucks purchased by the city for a total cost of $937,000.

Summerside Fire Chief Jim Peters said the trucks are replacing a pair of 25-year-old trucks. He added that the new trucks were purchased "slightly under budget."

"We knew the life of the trucks we had was going to be 25 years, so we've been planning for these trucks for a couple of years," he said.

The trucks were delivered Oct. 31 but were not put in service right away because the fire department had to have its equipment fitted to the trucks.
Summerside fire trucks remained on the scene of the fire mid-morning Thursday. (Shane Hennessey/CBC)

Peters said the new trucks will be in service this week. Compared to the older vehicles, the new trucks are safer and more reliable. 

"We know they're going to be dependable. When we respond to a fire, we know we're not going to have any problems with them. They're going to start and they're going to pump the rate at capacity of water they're supposed to," said Peters.

"And, [it] will help us keep our insurance rates down by having these certified trucks."

Peters said it was great that members of the public were able to go to the fire hall and see the trucks up close.

"People have expressed an interest in seeing them and we know the fire hall is a great draw for the kids.The kids are our future volunteer firefighters and if we can get them excited and interested early, that's good," he said.

With files from Stephanie Brown