'Amazing to be out here': P.E.I. fall lobster fishery underway

Following a two-day delay due to weather, P.E.I.'s fall lobster fishery launched Thursday morning.

Season extended to make up for late start

Lobster boats on calm water
Lobster boats heading out from Howard's Cove, P.E.I. (Submitted by Dwayne Barlow)

Following a two-day delay due to weather, P.E.I.'s fall lobster fishery launched Thursday morning.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada deemed high winds Tuesday and Wednesday too dangerous for setting lobster traps. Sandra Gaudet, fishing out of Miminegash on the northwest tip of P.E.I., said conditions were excellent Thursday morning.

"Today is beautiful. Very, very light winds, it was really calm," said Gaudet. "It's just gorgeous. Oh, it's amazing to be out here."

Gaudet's sister Trudy Allen, visiting from Alberta, was out on the boat with her this morning. It's something they haven't done together since they were kids, she said.

Within about an hour of the 6 a.m. start time, Gaudet said they had already unloaded the first load of traps, and were returning to port in Miminegash.

Two women smiling on a lobster boat with lots of lobster traps behind them.
Sandra Gaudet, left, and her sister, Trudy Allen, visiting from Alberta, were out for lobster setting day off Miminegash on the northwest tip of P.E.I. Gaudet says conditions were excellent for setting Thursday morning. (Submitted by Sandra Gaudet )

There are about 220 licensed fishermen in Lobster Fishing Area 25, along the Northumberland Strait between Victoria and North Cape.

The last day of fishing will be Oct. 12, a two-day extension to make up for the late start.

With files from Wayne Thibodeau


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