How an 8-year-old stole the show at the ECMAs red carpet

If you had an eye on the red carpet at the ECMAs, or even walked it yourself, you probably know Josie Carmichael.

'It was awesome'

Josie showed The East Pointers, and many others, some of her dancing skills. (Darrell Theriault/Island Live)

If you had an eye on the red carpet at the ECMAs in Charlottetown, or even walked it yourself, you probably know Josie Carmichael.

The eight-year-old dancer was there with Children's Wish as the organization's "Wish Child Correspondent." Josie's dad Raymond said she has cystic fibrosis and her wish is to one day go on a Disney Cruise.

As part of her involvement with Children's Wish, she got to go to the red carpet and interview artists and individuals including The East Pointers, Jonathan Torrens, Jimmy Rankin, Rachel Beck, Classified, premier-designate Dennis King and many more.

"There was people stopping all the time. It was quite easy to get people to come on in and talk to her," said Raymond.

"We thought we'd have to flag a whole bunch of people down but at one point there was a line up of two or three people or groups that were ready to come in and talk to her."

And she put some of them on the spot to bust a move.

"It was awesome," Josie said. There was more than dancing too, as Josie had some unexpected questions for the guests. 

"I asked if they sing in the shower … if they have any hidden talents," she said.

A day later and she's still buzzing from the spotlight, and said the whole experience was simply "fun" and exciting — especially getting to show off her dance skills.

Jen Gillis with the Children's Wish chapter in Charlottetown said "we invited Josie to be the Wish Child Correspondent on the red carpet because we thought with her background in performance, step dancing and her bubbly personality, she'd make a wonderful choice.

"She took the job very seriously. She was meticulous in customizing the questions to the people she was interviewing."

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