P.E.I.'s The East Pointers 'pumped' about Canadian Folk Music award

Members of P.E.I. band The East Pointers are 'pumped' about winning Ensemble of the Year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards Saturday.

'It feels really nice'

Jake Charron, Koady Chaisson and Tim Chaisson make up the award-winning trio The East Pointers. (The East Pointers)

The Canadian Folk Music Awards weren't even on Tim Chaisson's mind when the P.E.I. trio he's part of, The East Pointers, won Ensemble of the Year in Toronto Saturday night.

The band features Tim Chaisson on fiddle, Jake Charron on guitar and Koady Chaisson on banjo. They won for their debut album Secret Victory.

"We're all pretty pumped about it," said Tim Chaisson Mainstreet P.E.I.'s Angela Walker Monday from Panama. 

Needed a break

Chaisson admits band members were a little disappointed not to be able to travel to Toronto to accept the award, but they'd decided to take a couple of months off from their hectic playing schedule. Chaisson and his wife are travelling in Central America, Charron is in Glasgow, Scotland and Koady Chaisson is in Australia. 

'It was pretty cool' finding out the East Pointers had won a Canadian Folk Music award, says band member Tim Chaisson. (Tim Chaisson/Facebook )

"We've been on the road straight for the last year and a half without any breaks," Chaisson said, adding he's going next to Nashville, where he'll write music for about 10 days before returning to P.E.I. for Christmas.

"I kind of forgot a little bit," admitted Chaisson of the awards. "We were making dinner and stuff, and my phone just went off, and it was like 'Oh ya I guess we won an award!' It was pretty cool."

"It feels really nice," he said. "Just being recognized amongst our great friends who are our peers in music."

Chaisson appreciates the efforts of the Canadian Folk Music Awards to keep the folk music tradition alive, he added. 

In the new year the East Pointers will head to Nashville to record their second album with Cape Breton, N.S., producer Gordie Sampson. 

With files from Mainstreet P.E.I.