Candidates running in Districts 1-7, eastern P.E.I.

Here's Prince Edward Island's seven districts in eastern Prince Edward Island.

From East Point to White Sands, to Stratford and Morell and everywhere in between

Eastern Prince Edward Island, Districts 1-7. (CBC)

District 1: Souris-Elmira

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Boyd Leard

Liberal Party: Tommy Kickham

Progressive Conservative Party: Colin LaVie (Incumbent)

District 2: Georgetown-Pownal

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Susan Hartley

Liberal Party: Kevin Doyle

New Democratic Party: Edith Perry

Progressive Conservative Party: Steven Myers (Incumbent)

District 3: Montague-Kilmuir

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: John Allen MacLean

Liberal Party: Daphne Griffin

New Democratic Party: Billy Cann

Progressive Conservative Party: Cory Deagle

District 4: Belfast-Murray River

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Jim Sanders

Liberal Party: Ian MacPherson

Progressive Conservative Party: Darlene Compton (Incumbent)

Independent candidate Andy Clarey has withdrawn.

District 5: Mermaid-Stratford

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Michele Beaton

Liberal Party: Randy Cooper

New Democratic Party: Lawrence Millar

Progressive Conservative Party: Mary Ellen McInnis

District 6: Stratford-Keppoch

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Devon Strang

Liberal Party: David Dunphy

New Democratic Party: Lynne Thiele

Progressive Conservative Party: James Aylward (Incumbent)

District 7: Morell-Donagh

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Kyle MacDonald

Liberal Party: Susan Myers

New Democratic Party: Margaret Andrade

Progressive Conservative Party: Sidney MacEwen (Incumbent)