Candidates running in districts 8-20, central P.E.I.

Here are the 13 electoral districts in central Prince Edward Island.

From Savage Harbour to Charlottetown to Borden-Carleton, Malpeque and everywhere in between

Central Prince Edward Island, Districts 8-20. (CBC)

After this article was published, the Green Party candidate for District 9: Charlottetown Hillsborough Park died in an accident. Elections P.E.I. says a byelection will be held in the coming weeks for District 9. In light of this, CBC P.E.I. has decided to remove the district from this story.

District 8: Stanhope-Marshfield

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Sarah Donald

Liberal Party: Wade MacLauchlan

New Democratic Party: Marian White

Progressive Conservative Party: Bloyce Thompson

District 10: Charlottetown-Winsloe

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Amanda Morrison

Liberal Party: Robert Mitchell (Incumbent)

New Democratic Party: Jesse Cousins

Progressive Conservative Party: Mike Gillis

District 11: Charlottetown-Belvedere

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Hannah Bell (Incumbent)

Liberal Party: Roxanne Carter-Thompson

New Democratic Party: Trevor Leclerc

Progressive Conservative Party: Ron Carragher

District 12: Charlottetown-Victoria Park

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Karla Bernard

Liberal Party: Richard Brown (Incumbent)

New Democratic Party: Joe Byrne

Progressive Conservative Party: Tim Keizer

District 13: Charlottetown-Brighton

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Ole Hammarlund

Liberal Party: Jordan Brown (Incumbent)

New Democratic Party: Simone Webster

Progressive Conservative Party: Donna Hurry

District 14: Charlottetown-West Royalty

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Gavin Hall

Independent: Bush Dumville (Incumbent)

Liberal Party: Gord McNeilly

New Democratic Party: Janis Newman

Progressive Conservative Party: Angus Birt

District 15: Brackley-Hunter River

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Greg Bradley

Liberal Party: Windsor Wight

New Democratic Party: Leah-Jane Hayward

Progressive Conservative Party: Dennis King

District 16: Cornwall-Meadowbank

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Ellen Jones

Liberal Party: Heath MacDonald (Incumbent)

New Democratic Party: Craig Nash

Progressive Conservative Party: Elaine Barnes

District 17: New Haven-Rocky Point

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Peter Bevan-Baker (Incumbent)

Independent: Don Wills

Liberal Party: Judy MacNevin

Progressive Conservative Party: Kris Currie

District 18: Rustico-Emerald

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Colin Jeffrey

Liberal Party: Alexander MacKay

New Democratic Party: Sean Deagle

Progressive Conservative Party: Brad Trivers (Incumbent)

District 19: Borden-Kinkora

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Matthew MacFarlane

Independent: Fred McCardle

Liberal Party: Jamie Stride

New Democratic Party: Joan Gauvin

Progressive Conservative Party: Jamie Fox (Incumbent)

District 20: Kensington-Malpeque

(Elections P.E.I.)

Green Party: Matthew J. MacKay

Liberal Party: Nancy Beth Guptill

New Democratic Party: Carole MacFarlane

Progressive Conservative Party: Matthew MacKay (Incumbent)