Cornwall, P.E.I., mayor asks residents to report speeders

The town of Cornwall, P.E.I., has posted a letter on social media and their website asking residents to slow down and report traffic law violators.

'We’ve heard it everywhere throughout the town'

The town of Cornwall is also considering having RCMP do extra or specific patrols, says Mayor Minerva McCourt. (Angela Walker/CBC)

The town of Cornwall, P.E.I., has posted a letter on social media and its website asking residents to slow down and report traffic violations after the town said it received several complaints of people speeding.

The letter was written by Mayor Minerva McCourt, who also said the town plans to send the letter out in the next water and sewer bill.

McCourt said while she was campaigning last fall, speeding was one of the major issues residents brought up at the door.

"We heard one of the most major concerns in the town of Cornwall is the speeding. It's traffic in general."

McCourt said it seems like some drivers have no concern for people living in the town.

"We have also had several emails and phone calls and had the opportunity for some residents to meet with the RCMP in trying to address the issues of speeding, not stopping at stop signs, and further other traffic issues," McCourt said.

Proactive step

The letter is a proactive step before any major incidents arise, McCourt said, and the town is considering having RCMP do extra patrols.

McCourt said complaints have come from "everywhere throughout the town." 

"It's not any specific area, it's just what seems to be happening throughout all of the town," she said.

A busy Cornwall intersection connecting the Trans-Canada Highway, Meadowbank Road and Heatherway Drive. (Angela Walker/CBC)

The letter also asks residents of Cornwall to take licence plate numbers of vehicles who may be violating the law.

"If you have the licence plate number, or something is happening on your street, please just call the RCMP," she said.

"We are all responsible."

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With files from Angela Walker


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