Cornwall residents concerned about Lakeview Drive townhouse proposal

The Town of Cornwall held a public meeting on Thursday night to allow residents to share their views on several proposed bylaw amendments.

About 50 people were at public meeting on Thursday

Residents were invited to share their opinions at a public meeting in Cornwall about proposed developments in the town. (Malcolm Campbell/CBC)

Some residents of Cornwall voiced concern about a proposed development between Lakeview Drive and the Trans-Canada Highway at a public meeting last night.

The space, which was previously designated for single-family residential homes, would be rezoned to allow for townhouses on ten lots, encompassing 30 units.

Sue Ellen Clow-Munroe, who has lived on Lakeview Drive for 10 years, said she expected possible development when she moved in, but thought it would be single-family homes. 

Sue Ellen Clow-Munroe looks at the map of the proposed development between Lakeview Drive and the Trans-Canada Highway. (Malcolm Campbell/CBC)

"I never imagined that there would be row-houses literally in my backyard," she said. "It's the difference to having 10 additional homes than to over 30, which definitely brings more traffic into the area."

Unclear future

Mayor Minerva McCourt said that the meeting went well in her eyes.

"It was great to hear the many comments, great to see the residents get up and put forth their comments," she said.

Cornwall Mayor Minerva McCourt says she was happy to see and hear so many residents at the meeting giving their opinions. (Malcolm Campbell/CBC)

McCourt said that the planning board will consider the issues raised at the meeting and move forward accordingly.

"The planning board will take what was heard, discuss it and see what are the other options or other possibilities as to what has been presented to it," she said.

"That is the great thing about these public meetings and people getting up and expressing their opinion."

This map shows the location of the proposed development. The blue stars indicate lots that would be used to build townhouses. (Malcolm Campbell/CBC)

Clow-Munroe said that if the development is approved, her time on Lakeview Drive may be coming to an end.

"It's something that my husband and I will have to talk about," she said. "I don't know, it's very disappointing."