What reopening a cinema under COVID-19 restrictions looks like

Charlottetown's two movie theatres are reopening Friday as COVID-19 pandemic restrictions ease. Here's how they're aiming to try to keep customers and employees safe.

Moviegoers are being encouraged to buy tickets and reserve seats online in advance

Carol Horne, President of the P.E.I. Film Society, encourages customers to buy tickets ahead of time, as only 20 spots are available per screening, to allow for physical distancing. (Travis Kingdon/CBC)

Movie theatres in Charlottetown are reopening Friday. 

Cineplex in the Charlottetown Mall and City Cinema downtown are both welcoming back customers, with COVID-19 restrictions in place, such as physical distancing and one-way foot traffic.

At City Cinema, patrons can buy tickets at the door, but are being encouraged to buy tickets and reserve seats online in advance. Only 20 patrons per screening will be allowed, and seats are spaced evenly throughout the small theatre.

"They're arranged in a checkerboard pattern so that there's good distancing between our customers," said Carol Horne, president of the Charlottetown Film Society, which runs the cinema.

Debit or credit cards are preferred over cash, for contactless payment. Customers are being asked to wear masks, although removing masks will be permitted for those eating snacks. 

What your next experience at City Cinema might look like. 

Everything is pretty much the same at City Cinema, except for signs reminding patrons where to walk, stand and sit. (Travis Kingdon/CBC)
To reduce the number of people gathered in the lobby, the theatre is asking people not show up too early, and to move quickly to their seats. (Travis Kingdon/CBC)
The cinema is taking down patron's phones numbers and showing where they were seated so they can contact them if there's a coronavirus outbreak. (Travis Kingdon/CBC)
The theatre seating is carefully marked off so customers know where to sit. (Travis Kingdon/CBC)
Plexiglas and contactless payment options at the cinema's snack counter. (Travis Kingdon/CBC)
Social distancing reminders are in place around the cinema. (Travis Kingdon/CBC)

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