5 DIY Christmas gifts to make now

Many people appreciate handmade and homemade gifts at Christmas time — why not start now and whip up a few things for your friends and family?

From ultra-simple to super-swanky, some DIY ideas to get you started

Who doesn't like a yummy-smelling body scrub? (

Many people appreciate handmade and homemade gifts at Christmas time — why not start now and whip up a few things for your friends and family? 

You might even surprise yourself and unleash your inner craftsperson. Remember: this is supposed to be fun! 

If you're a DIY fanatic like me you'll appreciate a little inspiration, so I gathered a few ideas from around the internet to get you started.

1. Candy cane body scrub

This body scrub is fun and easy enough for kids to make, and has a great visual impact, and you may have most or all of the ingredients in the house already.

Personalize the scent and colours for your favourite person of make several the same.

Follow the easy directions on, mix white sugar, olive and coconut oils, peppermint extract or essential oil and food colouring. Layer in a mason jar and tie on a real candy cane with a ribbon. 

"With all these exfoliants,this year's Christmas gifts should be smooth sailing," author Alexis Murphy jokes on the blog.

2. Hand warmers

These hand warmers designed by blogger Rae Ann Kelly are perfect for kids' pockets. (Rae Ann Kelly)

Reheatable hand warmers to pop in pockets are a thoughtful and easy gift to sew, and perfect for a hostess gift or stocking stuffers.

Following blogger Rae Ann Kelly's step-by-step tutorial and your sewing machine, sew together seven-centimetre squares (about three inches) of cute flannel or other fabric you have around the house, leaving one side open. You can cut the edges with pinking shears, if you have them, to make a zig-zag edge that's less likely to fray.

Fill three-quarters full with rice or pearl barley. Pin edge closed and sew shut. Heat in the microwave for 20 seconds or so.

3. Paper doily wreath

You can make this paper doily wreath in any colour for any season. (

This has to be one of the easiest-ever DIYs.

All you'll need is paper doilies in several different sizes and whatever colours you wish — white is white-hot this season — a round wire form (make your own out of a hanger), tape or glue and ribbon. 

Follow the easy steps on

4. Gigantico blanket

On her blog Revert, Elise Berns shows us how to arm-knit one of these very popular gigantic-stitch blankets. ( blog)

If youv'e been on Instagram lately, you'll know people are obsessed with these blankets using giant wool and stitches. You can buy them on sites like Etsy starting at about $300, or make your own for as little as a third of the price.

All you need is your arms, and the wool — which you may be able to source locally, although there are several places online to buy it too. 

Here's an online tutorial, in which Elise Berns makes a 1 metre by 1.5 metre blanket in less than an hour. There are lots of other YouTube videos on this, and you can even buy giant knitting needles, or use pool noodles. 

5. Put a ring on it

Rock on! You can make these gilded geode rings for gifts, or treat yourself. (

This gilded geode ring DIY is not for young children and may end up a little on the expensive side, but perhaps not compared to buying the real thing in a store. Find the ful tutorial on

You can get all of these materials — rocks, gilding, ring blanks and glue — at your local craft store (remember to use coupons) or online at sites like Etsy. 

Big, natural-looking rocks are very popular. You could also make rings using buttons or sea glass.