P.E.I. cat tale fit for Pirate

An Island barn cat is back safe and sound after returning from an adventure far from home.

Barn cat surprises family at school 15 km from home, then disappears

Lauren Craig cuddles Pirate in her North Tryon barn on Saturday. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC)

Lauren Craig was a little skeptical when her niece called to say Pirate the barn cat had climbed through her Grade 6 classroom window on Thursday.

And who could blame her? The school was in Kinkora, 15 kilometres away from her North Tryon farm.

"She knew it was farfetched, but she was pretty insistent that the cat looked exactly like Pirate," Craig said.

Turns out her niece was right.

The kids at Somerset Elementary School in Kinkora said they knew the rogue cat was Pirate because of the black patch on his left eye. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC)

Pirate, apparently, was hiding in the back of a truck that left the farm the day before. He hopped off when it stopped in Kinkora and found his way to Somerset Elementary School.

He does, after all, have "a good sense of smell," said Craig's eight-year-old daughter Isabelle.

The teacher put him back outside, but the kids were adamant the friendly visitor was Pirate.

"I thought it was Pirate because on his left eye he has a black patch, that's why we named him Pirate," said Craig's eight-year-old nephew Cole.

Students were surprised when Pirate the cat climbed through the Grade 6 window at Somerset Elementary School in Kinkora on Thursday. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC)

Craig and her kids went to Somerset after school Thursday to look for the rogue cat. He was nowhere to be found. The kids were sad.

"He's the kindest cat I think I've ever seen," Isabelle said.

But Pirate's adventure wasn't over yet.

Friday morning, Craig got a call from her sister-in-law, who is a teacher at Somerset.

"She said, 'You'd better go on the humane society website, I think Pirate is on there.'"

Sure enough, someone had found Pirate and taken him to the Humane Society. So the family drove the 40 kilometres to Charlottetown to see for themselves.

It was Pirate, all right.

He's now back on the farm with the other animals. Craig is relieved there was a happy ending.

"It sounds like a story my mom would tell me about growing up on a farm ... and I'm glad my kids get some farm stories of their own."

with files from Jessica Doria-Brown