6 fun camping hacks to try this summer

Your camping lantern dies. You're lost in the woods. Your matches get wet. What do you do? Turn to this list of quick — and dare we say ingenious — camping hacks, and you'll never be left in the dark/woods/cold again.

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Looking forward to camping this summer? Try some of these inventive tricks to enhance your outdoor experience. (Government of Alberta)

Your camping lantern dies. You're lost in the woods. Your matches get wet. What do you do?

Turn to this list of quick — and dare we say ingenious — camping hacks, and you'll never be left in the dark/woods/cold again. 

Several of P.E.I.'s provincial and private campgrounds are opening this weekend, followed by the national park campgrounds next Wednesday, so you'll have all summer to perfect these work-arounds, selected from some of the many sites devoted to such fun.

1. Litres of Light

This glowing light could also double as a nightlight in your tent. (

This portable light is just a large milk jug filled with water, with a headlamp pointing into it. 

"It's a clever repurposing trick that creates a great soft light perfect for reading, writing or illuminating the outdoors," says the site

2. Acorn cap whistle

Acorns are pretty and practical — who knew? (

Besides amazing your friends, this trick could save your life!

If you're lost, you can use an acorn cap as a whistle to call for help.

There's a full tutorial here — it says the trick is to practice. 

This could also be hours of distraction for youngsters missing their Wi-Fi signal — first to hunt for the caps, then to have a whistle-blowing competition! 

(Just don't get lost in the woods whilst looking for acorn caps.)

3. Get crackin'

Scrambled eggs over the campfire? Yes please. (Rachel/

Several bloggers suggest a clever, simple way to pack eggs for camping — break them first!

Pack about eight eggs per small water bottle, lightly beating them first.

You can do it ahead of time, eliminating the need for a whisk and a bowl, so fewer dishes to wash.

The eggs will not last as long as they do in the shell, however. 

Along the same lines, pack your pancake mix — already prepared, water added — in a large ketchup squeeze bottle. 

4. Light my fire

Hard to roast marshmallows with no campfire, so keep your matches dry with this easy DIY. (

If you're still old school when it comes to your campfire and eschew propane lighters, then this hack's for you.

Find a tutorial here on how to make your own mason jar holder with a strikable lid to keep your matches dry. 

5. Buddy burner 

What do you do with an empty mint tin? Make a tiny camping burner, of course. (

This hack was posted by a blogger who likes to carry what he needs in his backpack — so compact design was very important.

He describes this mini burner as "a candle with a large surface area." 

It burns fast and hot, will last a few hours and is more "pocket friendly" than sterno.

Find out how to make them here

6. Keep it clean 

This hack is more involved than the others, but oh so cool. (

If you're handy and have a little time on your hands, this DIY shower is sure to impress.

Some glue, rope, a watering can and a large jug are the main components.

Find complete directions here at