Instagram takeover: Bryan Maynard's photos share 'what it's like to be a farmer'

If you take a glance at Bryan Maynard's Instagram feed, you'll probably be able to deduce he's a farmer.

Bryan Maynard uses photos to 'bridge the gap' between farmers and non-farmers

Bryan Maynard wants to show people what it's like to be a farmer through his Instagram account. (Jesara Sinclair/CBC)

CBC P.E.I. is featuring a local photographer on our Instagram page every Wednesday this summer. This week, we're showcasing the work of Bryan Maynard.

If you take a glance at Bryan Maynard's Instagram feed, you'll probably be able to deduce he's a farmer.

"I've kind of taken it upon myself to try and bridge the gap between regular, everyday society and the farming world," he said. "Not everybody truly understands what it's like to be a farmer anymore."

Maynard co-owns Farmboys Inc. in Arlington, P.E.I., and grows potatoes and grains.

He started taking photos of life on the farm with his phone, and then through Cavendish Farms' Connected Farmer program, he upgraded to a Cannon Rebel T5.

Local landmarks amongst the fields

Local landmarks feature prominently in Maynard's photography, and this view of St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church in Grand River, P.E.I., taken from the tractor makes this one of his favourite shots.

With the tractor and potato field in the foreground, and St. Patrick's Church in the background, Maynard says this is one of his favourite photos. (Bryan Maynard)

"That church is very iconic to our area. It's been there long before I have," he said. "It's a staple to the community."

Stop to smell the blossoms

Maynard's nearly-three-year-old daughter Brynnley is featured in many of his photos.

"She's hands-on," he said. "She's very busy … childhood innocence at its best — and it's so nice to be able to capture that."

Maynard's daughter, Brynnley, is 'hands-on' in the field. (Bryan Maynard)

This shot was taken as the potato plants bloomed earlier this summer.

"We were kind of admiring the beautiful blossoms that were on the plants at the time," he said. "She's enjoying the smell."

Seize the moment

Maynard's camera is always at the ready.

"You either seize the moment or by the time you run and get your camera it's gone," he said.

Maynard said he captured this shot of Brynnley peering through an old barn because his camera was close at hand. (Bryan Maynard)

That's how he captured this shot of his daughter peering into an old barn in Birch Hill, P.E.I.

"There was a hole through the door, and I looked over and saw her looking through the door and thought, 'What a cute shot.'"

View from up top

This shot was taken in Northam, P.E.I. of hilling the potato field. Maynard said the different colours of the soil jumped out at him.

As the tractors were hilling the potato field, Maynard captured this shot of the different colours of the soil. (Bryan Maynard)

"We conventionally hill on our farm, a lot of people row shape, so this is something we do a little bit differently than most," he said.

"It's something that not everyone does anymore … This is the way we've always done it."

Kicking off his boots

This photo was taken at sunrise, when Maynard decided on a whim to head down to Grand River.

Maynard kicked off his boots at the river's edge at sunrise, and captured this shot. (Bryan Maynard)

"I just sort of kicked the cowboy boot off, and the rest is history," he said.

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