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Meryl Streep was spotted at the Oyster Barn in Malpeque, P.E.I., and her visit on social media prompted CBC P.E.I. to ask Islanders to spill the beans on their brushes with celebrity.

P.E.I. can be a good place to spot celebrities

We put the call-out on our Facebook page and you answered. Here are just a few of your celebrity stories. (Submitted)

Academy Award-winning actor Meryl Streep's recent trip to Prince Edward Island earlier this month caused quite a stir.

Streep was spotted at the Oyster Barn in Malpeque, P.E.I., having a meal and was nice enough to take a selfie with one of the restaurant's employees. 

The commotion over Streep's visit on social media prompted CBC P.E.I. to ask Islanders to spill the beans on their brushes with celebrity. 

We put the call-out on our Facebook page and you answered. Here are just a few of your celebrity stories.

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Jerry Seinfeld

Islander Krista Sommer said she's such a fan of comedian Jerry Seinfeld that she can quote lines from his popular show, Seinfeld, which first aired in 1989.

So it was no surprise that when she found out he was staying at the Loyalist Country Inn, in Summerside, while on a stand-up comedy tour in 2011, she knew she had to try and meet him.

"I used to work there. So we decided that we would go down for breakfast the morning of the show to see if maybe we could spot him around the hotel," Sommers said. 

Not only did she spot him that morning, Sommers said, she was seated at a table across from Seinfeld. 

In this Dec. 19, 2015, file photo, Jerry Seinfeld performs at Menora Stadium in Tel Aviv, Israel. (Dan Balilty/The Associated Press)

She remembers wondering, "OK, how are we going to go over and introduce ourselves and meet him without looking like we're stalking him?" 

By the time she finished her meal she still hadn't worked up the courage to approach Seinfeld's table. Just as she was leaving, Sommers said she mustered up the gumption.  

"I put out my hand and I said, 'Hi Jerry, I'm a big fan." 

Sommers said she left her Seinfeld encounter with a big smile and a signed ticket to his show that she was attending later that evening. 

"It was a moment for us for sure." 

Princess Diana

Joanne McGinn shared a photo on our Facebook page, of the moment she met Princess Diana during her 1983 visit to the Island. 

Islander Joanne McGinn meets Princess Diana while on tour in Canada in 1983. (Submitted by Joanne McGinn/Facebook)

Paul McCartney

As a huge Beatles fan, it was a dream for Islander Carson Greer to meet one of the famous four in person.

Greer had a rare chance to have a conversation with Paul McCartney when he touched down in Charlottetown in 2006, to protest the harp seal hunt. 

"Paul McCartney's one of my biggest heroes," he said. 

Greer said he spent a whole day trying to catch a glimpse of McCartney at the Delta Hotel.

He even said he got thrown out by McCartney's security in his pursuit. 

"He just picked me up by the scruff of my neck and he got me into the elevator walked me out and he basically threw me out of the hotel," Greer said. 

Islander Carson Greer met his all-time hero Paul McCartney while the former Beatles singer was in Charlottetown in 2006. (Submitted by Carson Greer)

He couldn't have known his dream of meeting his idol would come true at work the next day. At the time, Greer worked as an accountant for Roots on Queen Street in Charlottetown.

When Greer found out McCartney had walked into the Roots store he ran down to catch him. 

When he arrived downstairs, he tripped and fell. When he looked up, he was making eye contact with McCartney looking down at him. 

After he dusted himself off, Greer got the opportunity to chat with McCartney for about 15 minutes about music and why his favourite Beatles song is Let it Be, he said. 

"I mean who gets a chance to do that, right? Who gets a chance to tell your favourite artist why that's your favourite song? Nobody gets to do that," Greer said.

"I mean just thinking about it right now, I get emotional about it." 

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