Province commits funding for Blooming House

With a permanent location confirmed for the next two years, Blooming House now also has funding secured from the province, for at least the next six months. 

Funding will cover half the operating costs for Charlottetown women's shelter

The province will provide monthly funding to Blooming House to assist with operating costs until the end of the fiscal year. (Brittany Spencer/CBC)

With a location confirmed for the next two years, Blooming House now also has funding secured from the province for at least the next six months. 

The province has confirmed it will provide the women's shelter with $10,000 per month until March 31 to cover a portion of its operating costs.

Blooming House started as a pilot project in January with the help of $60,000 from the province. 

The shelter is located in a house provided by a local church. A series of month-to-month extensions followed the initial four-month agreement, with a long-term agreement reached at the start of September. 

Meeting a need

While there are shelters in Charlottetown for women dealing with addictions and for women and children fleeing domestic abuse, Blooming House is the only shelter available for any women experiencing homelessness. 

When Blooming House opened its doors earlier this year, those behind the project weren't sure what the demand would be.

"What we found was over the course of the winter, into the spring, our numbers were climbing and climbing and climbing, which is why we pursued an extension," said Liz Corney, Blooming House president and co-founder. 

Liz Corney of Blooming House said the shelter had a busy summer. (Laura Meader/CBC)

"It was because of the demand, it was because of the women that we saw repeatedly needing to access our services, and the women walking through our doors."

Corney said the agreement with the church has provided staff with peace of mind, allowing them to focus on the future.

Provincial funding covers half of operating budget

Blooming House's annual operating budget is $240,000, Corney said, with most of the budget going toward staffing. 

The funding from the province covers half the monthly costs. 

"The additional money we're hoping will also come from the community, who has also been amazing at reaching out and giving some donations and things like that," Corney said. 

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With files from Tony Davis