P.E.I. man captures on-ice battle between Canada goose and bald eagle

A P.E.I. photographer who recently captured a standoff between a Canada goose and a bald eagle on the ice of the West River is still marvelling at his luck.

'It was quite a scene to witness'

P.E.I. photographer captures defiant standoff between Canada goose and bald eagle

1 year ago
Duration 2:04
Patrick Keefe photographed a dramatic battle between the two, and the 'great determination and courage' it took for this goose to survive.

A dark object on the ice was what captured the attention of photographer Patrick Keefe.

Nestled between trees on the bank of Prince Edward Island's West River, Keefe whipped out his camera, watching through his lens as the object came into focus as a bald eagle.

There had been a battle, Keefe realized — sprawled beneath the raptor's sharp talons was a Canada goose.

"I thought the goose had already expired and [I] was taking some photos of the eagle about to enjoy his reward," he told CBC News.

A Canada goose. A bald eagle, the emblem of the United States. Who will prevail? (Patrick Keefe)

But then, movement. The goose was alive, and desperate to survive.

"The eagle rose above the goose, hovering eight to 10 feet in the air, and without warning, folded its wings and descended in full assault mode," Keefe wrote on his Instagram account as he posted the photos. 

"Webbed feet and a bill are no match for razor-sharp talons and a hooked beak."

In this image captured by P.E.I. photographer Patrick Keefe, one of a series he posted on his Instagram account @atlnortheast, a bald eagle fights to finish off a Canada goose. (Patrick Keefe)

Or are they? 

In the video in this story, Keefe tells us what happened next.

To see his original photos and read his descriptions, find Keefe on Instagram as @atlnortheast. 

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With files from Danny Arsenault


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